Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canadian Truck Shipping Costs Rising

(Journal of Commerce Online – William B. Cassidy)

Index shows truckload rates, freight costs increased at slower rate in May
Canadian shippers paid more to move goods by truck in May, with overall freight costs rising 3% from April, the Canadian General Freight Index reports. Base truckload rates were up 2.7% from the previous month, the CGFI said.

The pace of rising costs had already started to slow in May, however. Overall freight costs and base rates rose 3.9% in April, the strongest increases this year.

“We are seeing increases in the truckload sector, which is likely more sensitive to changes in capacity demand,” said Alan Saipe, president of Supply Chain Surveys. “This could be an indication of what may come in the future for LTL rates.” Read more here.