Thursday, August 19, 2010

Consultation Regarding Exemption Regulations under the Proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

(Penny Bonner et al., Ogilvy Renault LLP)

On August 6, 2010, Health Canada announced that it would be conducting a consultation regarding proposed Exemption Regulations pursuant to the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (the “CCPSA”), which would provide stakeholders with the opportunity to provide their comments.

The proposed Exemption Regulations would exempt certain classes of consumer products from compliance with specified provisions of the proposed CCPSA or other regulations made pursuant to the CCPSA:

i. products manufactured domestically or imported into Canada then exported for sale;
ii. products which can be imported and then brought into compliance with the CCPSA; and
iii. products manufactured, imported or advertised for testing, research or exhibition.

The consultation document available for comment regarding Consumer Products Non-Compliant with Requirements in Regulations, can found by clicking here.

The exemption with respect to preparation and maintenance of documents is for any recipient of a consumer product where the consumer product is donated (i.e., given for no consideration) and the donation is from a person other than a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer.

The consultation document available for comment regarding Preparing and Maintaining Documents can found here.

Any comments related to these documents will be taken into consideration. These consultations are open for comment until October 19, 2010.