Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Canada Customs Drives a Stake Through ‘Twilight’ Energy Drinks

(Lesley Ciarula Taylor — The Toronto Star)

Toronto is throwing the After Dark Film Festival right now, is home base for ubergeek Scott Pilgrim and is planning its eighth Zombie Walk, but we’re not ready for either the Blood Potion or Zombie energy shots.

The two Twilight-inspired potions, in resealable transfusion bags, are the brainchildren of two tech industry fugitives who created Harcos Laboratories of California to fuel their own comic book culture manias.

And while they and other geekdom sites sell their potions online and to retailers, Canadians need not apply.

“The Canadian Customs is very strict with caffeine products,” and because of that they have rejected it, said Jenni Huang, spokeswoman for Harcos. “They’ve rejected orders quite a few times.” Read more here.