Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CFIA Statistics on Wood Packaging Non-Compliance (Imports)

(CIFFA eBulletin)

The CFIA has provided the following statistical information on Wood Packaging Non-compliance for Imports, for the period January 1 to March 31, 2010.

The CFIA said twenty-four (24) countries received a notice of non-compliance for this period. A total of 1657 shipments with wood packaging material (WPM) were inspected during that period (data includes shipments inspected at the ports of Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Prince Rupert). Data collected by the CBSA during that period has been analyzed by the CFIA to determine that compliance is about 93.4% with regards to presence of a IPPC mark or a Phytosanitary Certificate and with no live pests or signs of living pests.

Approximately 2.2% (37/1657) of shipments were infested. Most of these infested shipments were from China. The remaining non-compliant shipments had no mark and no Phytosanitary Certificate and no live pests or signs of living pests. No fraudulent phytosanitary certificates were intercepted during this period. Pest identification has been included in the notices sent to exporting countries.

CIFFA would like to remind Members that Canada strictly regulates the entry of wood packaging from all countries of the world. The entry requirements for wood packaging from all areas except the continental United States are specified in policy D-98-08. You should also be aware that non-compliant wood packaging may be refused entry into Canada. Members can help prevent the introduction and spread within Canada of pests by staying vigilant and ensure that the overseas agents used are reputable. For more visit here.