Friday, August 20, 2010

Few “Green” Technologies Subject to Export Controls but BIS Pledges Further Improvements

(World Trade Interactive)

An assessment of the impact of U.S. export controls on “green” technology items released this month by the Bureau of Industry and Security finds that while most such items do not currently require an export license there are steps BIS can take to further promote and expedite exports in this sector.

This assessment examines the potential effects of export controls on commodities, software and technology that either are or can be used to create products that contribute to clean energy, energy efficiency and other environmental or green initiatives (i.e., green technology). BIS states that although this is not an exhaustive assessment of all green technology items and initiatives that may be captured by dual-use export controls, it is an attempt to anticipate ways that BIS can support the creation of green jobs and advances in green technology by facilitating secure trade while mitigating national security concerns. Read more here.