Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transportation Procurement Study Now Available

(American Shipper)

American Shipper’s “2010 Transportation Procurement Benchmark Study: Leveraging Automation to Manage Market Volatility” is now available on our Website. Register now to download your complimentary copy.

This benchmark report, produced in partnership with Retail Industry Leaders Association made available free of charge courtesy of our sponsors CombineNet and GT Nexus, studies 200 transportation buyers and sellers and their procurement processes, practices and technology enablers. The report separates the top 15% of performers by examining negotiated freight rates, the ability to measure carrier bids beyond price, speed to contract implementation, and much more.

In this volatile market the procurement process has become a vital part of supply chain management. This report offers actionable guidance to transportation buyers, demonstrating how the most successful companies approach procurement of freight services from RFQ through the contracting process

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