Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trade Court Rules to Protect Brokers

(Journal of Commerce Online – R.G.Edmonson)

Customs may not revoke entry filer code without due process

Customs and Border Protection may not revoke a broker’s entry filer code without providing some form of due process, the U.S. Court of International Trade ruled on Monday.

USCIT Judge Richard K. Eaton ruled Customs officials in San Diego in October 2008 improperly deactivated customs broker Guillermo Lizarraga’s filer code for alleged “misuse” without stating the reasons, and giving him no chance to respond.

Brokers need the code to electronically file entries through the Automated Broker Interface in the Automated Commercial System. Ninety-six percent of all entries are made through ABI, so loss of the filer code effectively puts a broker out of business. Read more here.