Monday, October 4, 2010

There’s Good News and Bad News for Container Shipping

(International Freighting Weekly – Damian Brett)

Overall throughput this year enough to combat effects of recession, but box shortage rebounds on Q4 prospects

The container shipping industry should brace itself for a weaker-than-expected fourth quarter, as inventory re-stocking and empty container movements slow, according to a leading analyst. In its Counting Containers report, analyst Macquarie expects fourth-quarter volumes to be weaker than in the third quarter because June, July and August figures were boosted by inventory re-stocking and the increased movement of empty containers, as the industry sought to combat the effects of a shortage.

The report explains that fourth-quarter volumes are normally around 0.7% up on the third quarter, but this year the analyst said it expected them to be up to 3% lower. Read more here.