Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Russia Most Corrupt Among Global Powers, Study Says; U.S. Ranking Also Worsens

(Washington Post – Will Englund)
Corruption in Russia has grown even more blatant over the past year, according to  a report issued Tuesday by Transparency International, and the country has fallen from 146th place to 154th on the organization's Corruption Perceptions Index. Russia tied with Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea and several African countries, and was ranked most corrupt among the G-20 nations.

For the first time since Transparency International began issuing its annual list 15 years ago, the United States dropped out of the top 20 least-corrupt nations, because of financial scandals it has endured. The United States fell from 19th place to 22nd, behind Chile. [Canada is 6th from top]

Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore topped the list as least corrupt, and Somalia was at the bottom, just below Afghanistan and Burma. Read more here.