Thursday, October 14, 2010

Customs Notice 10-017: United States Loaded Freight Remaining On Board (FROB) Cargo


1. This Customs Notice (CN) does not serve as a change, modification, or update to the final resolution rendered in CN10-015 (issued on September 17, 2010). Rather, this CN clarifies transmission requirements pertaining to the final resolution issued regarding US-loaded FROB cargo.

2. Pursuant to CN10-007, the purpose of this customs notice is to notify industry that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has reached a final resolution with regard to the grace period for Advance Commercial Information (ACI) transmission requirements for US-loaded FROB cargo. Based on a thorough analytical review of all information acquired, the following determinations are issued:
a. The exemption for ACI notification of US-loaded FROB cargo is extended until December 31, 2010.
b. Effective January 1, 2011, the CBSA will require ACI transmissions for US-loaded FROB cargo as per current CBSA policy.

3. Prime cargo reports (SO83) as well as supplementary cargo reports (SO687) will be required for US-loaded FROB cargo upon the expiry of the grace period.

4. Until the implementation date, marine carriers are encouraged to transmit US-loaded FROB cargo information to the CBSA in order to achieve full compliance upon the full implementation date.

5. During the interim period, the CBSA will be in a position to provide guidance and assist its clients in meeting the ACI obligations related to US-loaded FROB set forth by this customs notice.

6. Please direct any questions concerning this notice to:

Helene Porter
Manager, Commercial Unit, Advance Information and Programs Division
Pre-Border Programs Directorate, Programs Branch,
Canada Border Services Agency
E-mail:, Telephone: 905-308-8556