Thursday, October 7, 2010

Consumers See Government Inspection as Most Credible Signal of Food Safety: Study

(Food In Canada)

Study also finds that food recalls affect how consumers shop and what attributes they look for

Consumers value several attributes when it comes to their food, but the most important – a study has found – is safer and healthier food, inspected by a government body. The new study, called Food Safety Certification: A Study of Food Safety in the U.S. Supply Chain, was conducted by Michigan State University (MSU).

The research found that consumers are quite aware of food safety issues and change their shopping habits because of them. In fact, nearly half of the consumers surveyed had done so, says Chris Peterson, director of MSU’s Product Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

But what’s also interesting, the study reports, is that consumers don’t see higher prices and brand names as indicators of safer food. Read more here.