Monday, September 20, 2010

West Canadian Ports Vie for China Trade

(Shanghai Daily)

Two small west coast Canadian cities are vying to become key players for China’s North American logistic needs, citing an advantage of faster delivery time to the American heartland and a sound and stable business environment, reported the Shanghai Daily.

Over the past few years under the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor programme, a US$2.8 billion initiative launched in 2006 involving the participation of the Canadian federal government, as well as those at the provincial and municipal levels, the northern British Columbia cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert have emerged as increasingly important parts of the process.

Created by the ruling Conservative Party government, the programme involved a radical transformation of traditional mode-specific transport framework of private carriers to a more integrated approach to establish the most efficient transport network to best serve global supply chains between Asia and North America.

Following a few years of heavy investment and infrastructure construction, the pieces are now in place for both Prince George and Prince Rupert to make a significant logistical difference. Read more here.