Friday, September 10, 2010

Export Development Canada Showcases Construction, Infrastructure Specialists

(Daily Commercial News)

Export Development Canada has a team of specialists for Canadian construction and infrastructure exporters to tap into for innovative business solutions and international expansion opportunities.

“We are trying to strive for what our customers are asking for and responding to those needs and with current technology, it is easier to do that,” said Marie-Claude Erian, sector advisor for infrastructure and environment at Export Development Canada (EDC). EDC recently held a webinar showcasing its infrastructure and financial specialists in a panel discussion setting.

EDC’s project-support solutions cover financing, bonding, credit insurance, political risk insurance and project financing, all areas that can help Canadian exporters in the construction, infrastructure and environmental fields.

“People are more familiar with our credit services,” Erian said. “We are often asked through our surveys by customers about wanting to know more about what else EDC does.

“For the panel, this was the first time we had our five key product services before customers online at the same time.”

EDC’s online webinar events are proving to be very effective in reaching its clients, said Erian. Read more here.