Monday, September 27, 2010

Canadian Online Shopping Tops $15B a Year

(CBC News – The Canadian Press)

Canadians ordered $15.1 billion in goods and services on the internet last year, up from $12.8 billion in 2007. Statistics Canada attributed the increase to a rise in the number of online shoppers and a higher volume of orders.

The agency said 39% of Canadians aged 16 and over used the internet to place more than 95 million orders in 2009 – up from 32% and 70 million orders in 2007, when the survey was last conducted. [...]

The top 25% of online shoppers spent an average of $4,210 on internet purchases during 2009, accounting for almost half of total orders and more than three-quarters of their value. The most common types of online orders continued to be travel services; entertainment products such as concert tickets; books and magazines; and clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Read more here. Summary statistics and a link to the data file are on the Statistics Canada website here.