Monday, September 27, 2010

China Slaps Anti-Dumping Duties on US Chicken Imports


China will levy anti-dumping duties of up to 105% on imports of US chicken products, the government said on Sunday, in a move likely to ratchet up trade tensions between the two nations.

“The US chicken industry has dumped broiler products into the Chinese market and caused substantial damage to the domestic industry,” the commerce ministry said in a statement on its website. The duties take effect on Monday, it said.

China will slap anti-dumping levies of over 50% on up to 35 US chicken broiler exporters including Tyson Foods Inc, Keystone Foods LLC, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation and Sanderson Farms Inc, the statement said. Levies of over 105% will be placed on imported chicken broilers, a type of chicken raised specifically for meat production, from all other US producers, it said. Read more here.