Monday, March 15, 2010

ASEAN Single Window Could Be Realized in 2012

(Tempo Interactive – Iqbal Muhtarom)

The Indonesian National Single Window (NSW) technical team chief Susiwijono has said that the ASEAN Single Window could be realized at the end of 2012. “It already involves 10 ASEAN countries,” said Susiwijono at the Trade Department, last Friday.

According to him, currently a MoU has been formulated, which according to plan will be discussed in Kuching, Malaysia, from 23 to 30 March. “If everything is okay, all ASEAN countries’ Customs and Excise Directorates will sign the MoU,” he said.

Susiwijono revealed that the ASEAN Single Window trial has been applied in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam. “The system is underway, but it is still in a trial phase,” he said.

Technically, the ASEAN Single Window is completed. But now there are some technical obstacles related to legal matters. In the Kuching meeting, the legal matters will be discussed. A legal working group will be formed to complete the draft MoU. “The problems are not technical, they are legal, and multilateral business processes,” he said. As an example, there the matter of the status of data exchanged between countries, if it could be followed-up legally should there be a problem.