Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Lawmakers Look to Pull Out of NAFTA

(Brian Lilley — Canada Politics Examiner)

Forget about the trouble Canada had with the Buy America policy, there is a new game in Washington; it’s called Block Canada. A group of congressmen have given their backing to a bill that if passed, would see President Barack Obama give six-months notice that the United States was withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Representative Gene Taylor, a Democrat from Mississippi, introduced the bill last Thursday and quickly found the support of 27 cosponsors in both the Democratic and Republican parties. The bill has attracted support from moderates and the fringe in both parties as well, with several members of the Blue Dog Coalition of moderate Democrats signing on alongside libertarians like Ron Paul on the Republican side or Dennis Kucinich of the Democratic left. The bill also has fairly wide spread geographical support with representatives from 16 different states. Read more here.

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