Friday, February 6, 2009

Trade Issues 2009: A Roundup

(Tom Travis —

With a new administration, there’s sure to be more changes to U.S. trade policy. Here are eight areas you should be paying particular attention to.

With President Barack Obama’s administration now in place, there will be inevitable changes to U.S. trade policy. While we don’t know the exact scope of these changes, it’s clear the U.S. trade agenda will increasingly focus on the growing responsibilities of all players in the global supply chain. Longstanding concerns such as trade enforcement, food and product safety, labor rights, environmental issues, transfer pricing, and cargo security are expected to see close scrutiny.

Importers, exporters, customs brokers, retailers, transportation and logistics companies — everyone involved in international trade — should get ready now by paying particular attention to the following issues… FTAs/preference programs; Product safety; Food safety; Trade remedies; Intellectual property rights (IPR); Corruption; Transfer pricing; and Exports.

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