Monday, February 23, 2009

Harper Hopes U.S. Develops a More “Pragmatic Approach” to Border Security

(The Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he hopes the new U.S. administration will take an approach to border security that involves much less red tape.

In an interview with CTV News on Friday, Harper said it’s too early to speculate whether U.S. President Barack Obama will try to make it easier for people and trade to cross the border.

But he says intends to eventually tell Obama that there is too much paperwork and processes that slow everything up but don’t identify real risks.

Harper called it a “gun registry” approach to border security, a reference to the former Liberal government’s move to force long gun owners to register their firearms.

Harper says there must be a more sensitive approach that properly identifies security risks while not interfering with commerce and tourism.

During the Bush administration’s term, the U.S. government imposed tougher requirements for people crossing the border. Read more here.