Monday, February 23, 2009

Harper on U.S. Sales Job

(Kathleen Harris — Sun Media)

Trip south on heels of Obama meeting

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will remind Americans that Canada is doing its part to fuel the global economic recovery, while warning of the pitfalls of protectionism when he meets with business leaders in New York today.

In a bid to build momentum from last week’s visit from U.S. President Barack Obama, Harper and key ministers are holding a series of meetings with Americans.

Harper will hold a business roundtable in New York, while Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon heads to Washington to meet his U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Harper’s chief spokesman Kory Teneycke said the PM will get the word out that Canada is on the job when it comes to buoying the slumping economy.

“Broadly speaking, our message is one of ‘we’re all in this together,’ “he said. “Economic recovery in Canada will only be successful if there’s economic recovery in the U.S. and likewise, given the depth of our trading relationship with the U.S., it’s important for their economic recovery that Canada be doing well also. Our economies are very heavily integrated.” Read more here.