Thursday, July 22, 2010

CBSA Message: Release Processing Disruptions - Marine Port of Montreal


As a result of recent disruptions at the marine port of Montréal, marine vessels may be diverted to another marine port.

Importers and brokers are encouraged to review any recently transmitted release transactions for shipments imported via the marine mode through the marine port of Montréal.

Due to the diversion of the marine vessels, the port of release and sub-location code as originally indicated on the release request may need to be changed. Brokers are encouraged to remain in contact with their marine carrier to ensure they are made aware of any changes.

Requests for changes to the port or warehouse sub-location code after goods have been released must be submitted on Form A48 - RMD Correction to the CBSA office where the goods are physically located.

Questions concerning the release of commercial goods may be sent to