Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New ACE Features to Facilitate Information-Sharing Nationwide


Enhancing efficiency

ACE portal importer account holders will have the option to receive and respond to CBP Forms 28, 29 and 4647 electronically through the ACE Secure Data Portal. Being able to communicate CBP requests and actions via the portal will provide for quicker resolution of entry summary verifications and transactional issues compared to the current paper-based process. Electronic responses will be stored with associated entry summaries, enabling them to be shared within CBP nationwide and reducing the possibility that an importer would be asked to provide the same information at more than one port.

“With ACE, CBP import and entry teams won’t have to wait for additional entry summary information to be sent by mail. They will be able to receive information electronically – potentially much faster,” said Lou Samenfink, executive director of the CBP Cargo Systems Program Office. “This electronic process will benefit both CBP and the trade community through increased efficiency.”

Achieving national visibility and supporting consistency

Establishing a national repository of information will allow every port to trace the history of a CBP review to its conclusion. Electronic access to this information is expected to facilitate consistent decision-making by ports nationwide and supports efforts by CBP to employ a holistic, nationwide approach to managing compliance with trade laws and regulations.