Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New China Advanced Manifest Rules

(American Shipper)

The new rules require the manifest for all cargo imported or transshipped into China to be submitted to China Customs electronically 24 hours prior to loading of cargo at foreign ports for container ships. Non-container ships must submit the electronic manifest 24 hours before arrival at the first port of call. For export cargo from China, the pre-stowage manifest must be filed 24 hours prior to loading of cargo at mainland China ports and a final manifest, the loading manifest, must be submitted 30 minutes prior to loading.

China Customs will screen the information and advise vessel operators whether they can accept cargo. Vessels carrying un-manifested or rejected cargo may be refused entry to or exit from Chinese ports. Reasons for subjecting goods to a “No Discharge” order include quarantine regulations, drug enforcement or national safety.

Most ocean and air carriers have details on their website about how the advanced manifest rules will affect their customers. Read more here.